About Us

Look at things around you either at your home or in your office. Where did you buy and how did you buy them? Most often you would have bought them from stores located in the same city in which you reside-right? And How? Again in an offline mode right?

Premise of CityontheNet (Cityonnet.com) is the same - enable you to buy from stores in your city and in a way you want either in-store or online.

CityontheNet is India’s first Omni Channel Marketplace that drives onine customers to shop in store and in-store customers to discover things online.

Going further, CityontheNet allows you to TOUCH FEEL N BUY™, PICKUP IN SHOP™, PAY AT STORE™ or get it delivered to your home and pay on delivery.

Let us now create 'The Future of your Retail Store™'

If you are on CityontheNet it means you have opened as many stores as the number of digital devices that are present in your city.

If you want to upload your products to other market places, no issues – we will enable that too. Want to send out notifications of offers and discounts or new arrivals? We have you covered. By the way if you want to get an estimate of what your top line is going to be at the end of the year – we have the calculator for that also.

Are you ready to create ‘The Future of your Retail Store™’? I bet you are! By the way who would not like to increase sales multifold?